Empress Gifty angrily descends on critics over ‘advise your husband’ comment [Watch]


Gospel singer gifty osei better known as Empress Gifty is advising side chicks to stay away from married men but she is not willing to advise her husband.

Gifty osei went on a rant on her talk show to address several rumours about her marriage and allegations that her husband, Hopeson Adorye, is cheating on her. She warned side chicks that they can’t trap a man with sɛx or a baby.

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Empress Gifty angrily descends on critics over 'advise your husband' comment [Watch]
Empress Gifty angrily descends on critics over ‘advise your husband’ comment .

Whilst advising side chicks against living a fool’s dream, thinking they can trap a man with sɛx or a baby, Empress had a message for a particular group of people.


She said, “ What are you people saying? Do you live with me in my house? You are on social media engaging in loose talks and making stories up. Why? Have I discussed my marriage with you? Why do you sit to pray that someone’s marriage should fail?

“You come on my page, ‘Go and talk to your husband. Who gave you that audacity to come to my page and tell me to go and advise my husband? Have you advised your mother? Have you advised your father? Have you advised your pastor? Have you advised yourself? Who gave you that right?

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According to Empress Gifty, Christians in Ghana are ungrateful, and they wish she was suffering in her marriage. She seemed baffled and outraged at the things people plan against her.

“And you side chicks, someone should work hard for you to reap the benefits. Does that sound right to you? Who told you that a baby keeps a man? Who told you that food keeps a man? Sister, the day you will get pregnant for the man, his wife too will get pregnant. He will leave you and go back to his wife,” she continued.

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