Mum weeps after son in US Navy who said he won’t return for christmas showed up [Watch]


A Nigerian mum was overwhelmed with joy as her son who works in the United States Navy strolled home without prior notice

In a short video, a Nigerian man who works in the United States Navy returned home without informing his mum, overwhelming her with emotions in the process.

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Mum weeps after son in US Navy


@bankybestowed who reposted the video on Instagram wrote that the man had informed his mum that he won’t be home for the Christmas celebration. However, he would show up a day before Christmas.

The surprise video starts with the man who was dressed in his Navy outfit pushing the house entrance door open.

He quickly announced his presence with three ”ho! ho! ho!” screams and a merry Christmas greeting.

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Startled by her son’s arrival, the Nigerian woman rose from where she was seated and rushed into the arms of the Navy personnel.

She shared the embrace with a young unidentified girl and planted a kiss on his cheek before bursting into tears of joy.

Watch the video below:

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