lady runs mad after lodging with a married man in a hotel [video]

A yet-to-be identified lady has reportedly lost her mind and is displaying signs of insanity – Reports claim that the lady ‘ran mad’ after lodging at a hotel with man

In Africa , a popular belief holds that when a person runs mad, the cause can be traced back to an evil character with the intent of harming them or someone who they have offended.

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Lady ran mad

A young lady has fallen to the streets to display visible acts of insanity. In ŋo clothes and bare feet, the woman has been roaming the streets, while holding her bag.


The yet-to-be identified lady was captured causing a scene in the early hours of March 18, after she was reportedly expelled from the hotel because of her switch to crazy mode.

According to reports, the young lady slɛpt in the hotel with a man and started displaying after sunrise.

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It was gathered the hotel workers chased her out when she started going bonkers.

Meanwhile the man is said to have escaped from the scene leaving his ‘partner-in-crime’ facing the music alone.

Watch the video below :

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