Nana Agradaa allegedly caught performing rituals during church service [Video]


Repented fetish priestess Patricia Asieduaa formerly known as Nana Agradaa, has been allegedly busted performing rituals during church service.

From a repented fetish priestess to an evangelist and now, a self-ordained prophetess, it seems Nana Agradaa’s thirst for the highest title in Christianity keeps growing.

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Nana Agradaa
Nana Agradaa church service.

When Agradaa conferred the ‘Evangelist’ title on herself, she actively participated in church activities and was spotted in a couple of videos shared on her social media pages.

In one of the videos , Nana Agradaa can be seen reciting some incantations on a piece of white cloth.


After the incantations, she threw the piece of white cloth at the church members who were busily dancing during the praises and worship session in front of the alter.

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The white piece of cloth appears to be like an enchanted handkerchief but we can’t completely say it’s inherently true or false.

It is believed that Nana Agradaa wants to turn her church members into sheep so that she can control them with ease and rip them off their wealth in the form of harvest, offertory and tithes.

Watch the video below ;

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