Dubai Porta Potty : Video of Rich Dubai man єχcretiŋg into Slay Queen’s mouth [watch]


Dubai Porta Potty video.. It seems some ladies will do anything for the bag, no matter how disgusting and degrading it can be.

The United Arab Emirates has become the latest haven for wealthy men who take ladies there and do things to them in return for money.

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Tweeps are currently riled and shocked at the lengths some women will go to get money. A video is now circulating of the most disgusting thing happening.

The disturbing video dubbed “Dubai Porta Potty” features a lady opening her mouth wide open.


She is facing a man’s behind, and in an instant, he starts relieving himself with the єχcretioŋdropping into the girl’s mouth.

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Those of a nervous disposition should avoid by all means watching the video, but those brave enough can check it out here. Again, this is not for sensitive viewers.

Although the video has not yet been verified if it is from Dubai, the emirate has gained considerable notoriety for the dehumanising things rich men do to women there.

Women are offered large sums of cash by wealthy men in exchange for unusual services.

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