Bride and groom enter wedding venue with boxing gloves, throw punches [ video]


A couple has got people on social media talking about their wedding day after they made a grand entrance to the event venue.

Weddings are days many ladies dream about as they imagine it to be one of the grandest days in their lives seeing as they officially get to be with the love of their life for the rest of their days.

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Bride and groom enter wedding venue with boxing gloves

A video shared on Instagram has shown the moment a couple who were about to get married arrived at their wedding venue in an uncommon way.

The bride was the first person to come in as she wore a boxer’s gloves. Her bridesmaids were behind her as members of her team.


Like an athlete ready for a fight would do, the lady threw punches with her wedding guests watching.

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The husband was also no spoilsport as he jogged into the venue and went up the aisle like a ready sportsman.

Watch the video below:

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