Monica Karungi: Brother reveals new shocking details on Ugandan lady who jumped to her death from Dubai tower


Brother to the Ugandan lady identified as Monica Karungi who jumped to her death from Dubai tower has revealed that his sister did not commit suicide as reported in the media.

Monica Karungi, according to a video that was seemingly recorded by her colleagues on the apartment she was living in, jumped from the ninth floor of a 12-storied building and landed on a concrete courtyard near a black parked vehicle.

However, speaking to the media , Jackson Akwandanaho the alleged brother to the deceased, revealed that he and his young sister (Monica Karungi) had been in touch hours prior to her death.

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Monica Karungi
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’I used to talk to her every single day while she told me about her life as a brother, she had no problems, she had no baby, she was well paid (over Shs.2 million a month) and she has been living like a queen here, it’s impossible for her to have committed suicide. Her friends pushed her through the window,” Jackson alleged in a WhatsApp Audio.


‘’I have evidence that she was pushed from the window while she was partying with her friends on Saturday night. She was happy with no problems like social media is saying,’’ he added.

Jackson intimated to the media that Karungi had told him that she had misunderstandings with her four friends with whom she used to stay in the same apartment and she was planning to shift to a new place upon receiving her salary which she expected on Eid day.

According to Jackson, Karungi was working as a waitress on the beach section at Five Palm Hotel in Dubai who paid her well.

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He adds that the last time she spoke to him, Karungi and her friends were partying on Saturday night and she was supposed to shift on Tuesday.

To his surprise, on Sunday, on his way to church, Jackson started receiving messages from friends telling him that Karungi had committed suicide.

Jackson also revealed that Karungi had travelled to Dubai in January 2022 though he did not reveal details of the company or people who took her.

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