Lady who drugged man & robbed him beaten after she was caught leaving his house with TV [Watch]


Kenya —— It was not a lucky day for a lady who has been drugging men and robbing them after she was caught red-handed.

According to reports on social media, she accompanied the victim to his house after merrymaking and drugged him, before walking away with his TV.

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Lady who drugged man and robbed him
Lady who drugged man and robbed him beaten after she was caught

However, luck was not on her side after she was caught by the caretaker leaving the house .

A video shared online shows the lady begging for mercy like a toddler as the caretaker whips her mercilessly.


It is true that lawbreakers are supposed to be punished, however, the law loses its value if individuals continue to take the law into their own hands.

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There are appropriate channels by which justice can be served, and we who live in a civilized era must know better than to callously mob, lynch and brutalize those who flout certain rules.

Watch the video below :

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