Dubai Porta Potty: Lady shares unforgettable experience on social media


Dubai Porta Potty confession: A young woman has taken to social media to share her experience in Dubai, where she was made a ѕєχ object to satisfy the vicious dreams of her paymasters.

As per her, she has lost her respect and pride as a lady following the experience she went through and what it has meant for her mentally.

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Dubai Porta Potty
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Portraying the psychological injury and profound agony the lamentable experience has caused her, the lady said she has been thinking about taking her life since she was unable to bear the individual disgrace any longer.

The Dubai Porta Potty involvement with Dubai where ladies are transformed into ѕєχ slaves and compelled to take part in horrendous fixations for cash has come to the front as numerous casualties have portrayed their encounters.


In her narration, the young woman said she was taken to Dubai by a companion. On her appearance, she met a man who communicated interest in her. Her friend urged her to put it all on the line.

From that point, she acknowledged the proposition and was taken on a costly shopping binge. She purchased from every one of the lavish shops in Dubai and couldn’t completely accept that the treat she was appreciating.

Indeed, it didn’t keep going long at all when she was made to go through a few interests things to pay for the treats she had gotten.

As per her, she was diminished to an object for her paymasters who didn’t take alert by any means however proceeded to embed a few things into her confidential part and behind . After she had been physically embarrassed, she was tossed into a pool to wash down.

Following quite a while of that terrible experience, the woman who has shared her story under obscurity said she would never acknowledge herself.

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