Snake bites man in the butt as he sat playing video game on toilet


Sabri Tazali, A 28-year-old man in Malaysia was bitten by a snake as he sat on the toilet playing video games.

According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, Sabri Tazali, had been sitting on the toilet playing video games on his phone when the sŋake struck.

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Snake bites man in the butt
Snake bites man in the butt as he sat playing video game on toilet

Feeling a sharp sting, Tazali stood up to find a snake holding on to one of his buttocks. Panicking, he yanked the reptile off and rushed to leave the bathroom.

He immediately contacted the nearby Fire and Rescue Department, following which the snake was captured. It was reportedly a python, but thankfully, it was a non-venomous one. Sabri later went to a hospital and was treated with an anti-tetanus shot.


The aggrieved man described the incident as an unfortunate moment and further informed that it took place in March.

He also took to Twitter to share photos of the reptile that came out of the toilet. One picture shows the snake curled up next to the toilet bowl.

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See pictures here:

“After two weeks, I checked the wound area, there were still half of the snake’s teeth. It broke probably because I yanked the snake hard,” Tazali told a local Malaysian media outlet, as per Newsweek.

Still recovering from the shock, Tazali said that he got the toilet bowl changed in his bathroom. He was so shaken that he avoided using the toilet in his house for around two weeks, using the toilet of a local mosque instead.

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