Afia Schwarzenegger slams Delay for crying on live radio amid brawl [Watch]


Controversial Actress, Afia Schwarzenegger has taken a swipe at Delay after video of her speaking bitterly about her went viral.

Delay opened up bitterly about ‘Afia Schwarzenegger ‘ being ungrateful and always dragging her in the mud after being of great help to her by bringing her to the limelight and making her famous.

Senior Presenter, Delay, as she calls herself, said she is fed up with everything that is going on.

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Afia Schwarzenegger and delay
Delay and Afia Schwarzenegger latest news

According to her, she does not hold grudges with anyone, hence she won’t engage in social media fights.


She added that she won’t be intimidated by anyone to stop what she loves doing best. She dared anyone who has a grudge with her to face her physically for them to settle the case once and for all.

However, filled with bitterness, she added that the supposed presenter wants to squeeze the only breadth she has from her.

Delay also explained that the only sin she committed was to help lift this said presenter to where she is now. She reiterated that she has been fighting to live all these years, just to feed herself and her family.

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In Afia Schwarzenegger’s reaction to Delay’s assertion, the comedienne mocked Delay for being a cry baby as she mimicked the breakdown moment in a video and labeled her as a weak person.

Afia went to mercilessly insult Delay for trying to supposedly get public sympathy after she started their beef in the first place.

Schwar also asserted that Delay is afraid to face her head-on despite always bragging about being someone tough.

Watch the video below :

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