Achimota Rasta Student Tyron Marghuy accused by his dad of assault [video]


The Father of Tyron Marghuy, one of the two students who were initially denied admission to Achimota School due to their dreadlocks, has complained of alleged incessant arrogant conduct by his son

In a video posted by Accra based Metro TV, Tereo said Tyron had an argument with his sister and as he tried to intervene, his young son assaulted him.

“This is what Tyron has done to my hands, he spoilt his sister’s tablet this morning”, he said in the video.

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Tyron Marghuy
Achimota Rasta Student Tyron Marghuy accused by his dad of assault

“He had an argument with his sister and I went over to ask him why and he just unplugged his laptop and walked over me and that’s what he has been doing all these years”, Tereo lamented.


Tereo and Tryon Marghuy dominated a lot of media headlines last year when Achimota School denied the latter admission because of his hair and faith.

The Marghuys’ took the matter to court and won a decision that compelled the school to admit the boy with his rasta.

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However, despite the decision of the court, the Attorney General filed an appeal to reverse the High Court decision.

In an interview after the appeal, Tereo Marghuy said the AG decision was based on ill-motive.

He further said the Old Students Association of the school are behind this new decision to appeal the ruling.

In an interview with Accra based Citi FM, Mr. Marghuy said the appeal is ill-motivated, especially as his son has already settled in the school environment, and has even been listed among the school’s candidates for the annual National Science and Maths Quiz in two years’ time.

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“If they had filed the appeal shortly after the ruling, it would have made sense, but now he [Tyrone Marghuy] has been in the school and they have even added him to the squad for the National Maths and Science Quiz for the next two years… It is not really okay. I think there are some people behind the scenes who are not working in favour of the school,” he said.

“I am not surprised because I realized along the line that they will appeal. That loss they had was something that they couldn’t take… How could a whole Attorney-General be in favour of the ruling and suddenly not be in favour of the ruling. I think it is something that is happening in the background, behind the scene, that makes them think they should go for the appeal. My suspicion is that, it is the old students behind the scenes [but]. I know most Ghanaians are in our favour,” he said.

Watch the accusation of Tyron Marghuy by his dad in the video below

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