‘If I go clubbing, is it your money?’ – Patapaa’s wife fires amidst divorce rumours


Liha Miller, Wife of Ghanaian musician, Patapaa, known in private life as Justice Amoa, has explained her decision to go clubbing, asking critics to cut her some slack.

The German who insisted that her marriage with the Ghanaian musician has not hit the rock said in her interview with Zionfelix that some individuals have issues with her decision to go clubbing but she remains unbowed.

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Patapaa and wife

According to Liha, she makes money and has the right to spend it however she chooses to; hence, attempts to make her feel bad will be futile.

“I hear comments like ‘Liha you’re married and you’re going to the club’. Am I spending your money to go to the club? I’m spending my own money to go out so if anyone wants to talk about it, it can only be my parents, Patapaa or Patapaa’s parents. Nobody from outside can come and tell me that ‘Liha, you’re going out, why?’ Because it’s my life,” she argued.


Detailing why she loves clubbing, Liha stated that it is her source of entertainment. She asserted that it was erroneous for persons who go clubbing to be stereotyped.

“I don’t smoke, I don’t take any drug. This is the only time I can really free my mind. When I’m in Germany, I barely go out because I’m always working. The free time I have, sometimes, I’ll spend with my family and my friends. Because I go to club doesn’t mean I’m worse than the person that goes to church,” Liha noted.

The German who has been married to Patapaa since January 2021 also observed that social media platforms have been inundated with negative comments and insults partly because some individuals are miserable. She recalled how she has been body-shamed right from the moment Patapaa introduced her as his girlfriend on social media and how her attackers have refused to retreat.

While admitting that she was pained in the beginning, Liha, now a tough-skinned wife said she cannot be bothered about people’s assessment of her.

She said: “People have so much negative mindset. I don’t know if their lives are so miserable that they think bad about others; they just go on social media and insult others. I want to understand; if there is something a person posts and I don’t like it, I’ll just continue scrolling. I’ll not comment. So, if you don’t like me, and I’m doing a live video, why would you want to come and comment? For what?”

Liha continued: “I think sometimes they want to get attention. But this is not how to get my attention. If you comment nicely, I’ll reply… but don’t come to my page and insult me.”

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