Bhadie Kelly: Thirsty men go crazy over Togolese TikToker for being ‘perfect’ [videos ]


Togolese internet sensation, Bhadie Kelly has gotten many falling in love with her after her TikTok challenge went viral.

The TikToker is now trending over Hajia Binti, Efia Odo and all other beautiful Ghanaian women because most Ghanaian men on Twitter find her to be perfectly beautiful with good taste in fashion and sneakers.

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“The funny thing is we’re not hyping her because of nyash or boobs but the balance between all admirable female qualities. Never seen every feminine quality expressed in optimal range like this before. It’s unreal. Ethereal!” a tweep, @1real_stunna, said in a tweet that has gone viral.

The petite TikToker first won admiration on Ghana Twitter with her dancing TikTok videos which went viral after Ghanaian blogger, @SikaOfficial1, shared her content on the microblogging platform.


“This Kelly girl is tormenting our girls,” the blogger captioned his post which has now gathered over 570,000 views, about 18,000 likes, more than 4500 retweets and 1213 comments within 24 hours.

Twitter has since been on fire with several conversations around Kelly which has seen her pick a trend spot on the trending list on Ghana Twitter trends.

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Shading some girls who believe Kelly is being overhyped by the boys on social media, a Twitter user @mister_ade5 said “I remember when you people hyped Kupe boys now it’s our time Baddie Kelly for president” – a comment which has also gone viral with global endorsement from his gender.

See more videos of Kelly below plus some of the viral and hilarious comments we have seen so far and share your views with us. Is Kelly being overhyped or she matches the hype?

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