Young men standing on different roofs played football together, video goes viral


Young men standing on different roofs played football together, seeing their talent, eyes will not believe.

Football will not be wrong if it is called the most famous sport in the world. Due to the presence of great players like Ronaldo, Messi, the following of this game is so high that it is played a lot in other countries.

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Young men standing on different roofs played football together
Young men standing on different roofs played football together, video goes viral

You will often see children playing football on the streets or in the streets. Have you ever seen anyone playing football on the roof?..

Of course, you must have seen it, but it is certain that you have never seen people standing on different roofs playing football at the same time.


Recently a video has been shared on Facebook page which is becoming very viral. According to the caption of the video, it belongs to the country of Senegal, West Africa.

The special thing of this video is that those who claim that the skill of football comes only to the people of Europe, or only to the rich people, they should take a lesson from this video (Boys playing football from roof) that the game There is no need of any special country or money to be proficient in this.

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In this video, 4 youths are seen playing football together. But the surprising thing is that they are not all playing on a field or on the road.

3 of them stand on the roof of different buildings while one stands in the middle. The young men are passing the ball to each other (boys passing football from the roof).

Surprisingly, his target is so accurate that despite being present on the roof, when he is hitting the ball, he is going straight to another.

The most unique shot was seen when the person on one roof gave the ball directly to the person on the other roof and he easily stopped the ball and then passed it forward.

People have reacted to the video, this video has got more than 6 million views, while more than 200k people have liked, A lot of people have also given their feedback in the comments. One man said it was nothing short of magic.

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