Is Zendaya pregnant? TikTok post goes viral as fans lose their calm


Twitter is currently flooded with posts claiming Zendaya is pregnant as innocent fans have fallen for an extremely silly joke.

A few months ago, one wild rumor on TikTok claimed that Zendaya was pregnant with her boyfriend Tom Holland’s child.

And now, another ridiculous hoax suggests that she and Tom announced their pregnancy in a supposed Instagram post.

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Zendaya is pregnant
Is Zendaya pregnant?

Rumors about Zendaya supposedly having a child started with TikToks featuring a fake Instagram story that is made to look as if it was shared from the actress’ official handle.


The bogus posts show a sonogram of an unborn child along with captions claiming they were shared by the couple.

However, towards the end of each of these videos, a clip of Kris Jenner dancing to Lady Marmalade’s song pops up, only to make you realize that you’ve been “Krissed”.


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Is Zendaya pregnant?

No, Zendaya is not expecting a baby as she is very much focused on her career. However, this is not the first time when the rumors of Zeŋdaya having a baby hit the Internet.

In January 2022, a morphed image of the 25-year-old star got viral after it showed the actress flaunting a baby bump at a red-carpet event.

The rumors proved to be baseless and neither Zeŋdaya nor her actor boyfriend Tom Holland addressed the fake claims.

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Refuse to believe Zendaya is pregnant’

“If Zendaya is pregnant this is my last day on earth”, said one user as another posted, “Zeŋdaya gonna be surprised as hell when she finds out she’s pregnant on Twitter.”

Another mentioned, “Y’all saying zendaya is pregnant like I won’t just jump off my roof rn, don’t play with me”, as one posted, “I refuse to believe Zendαya is pregnant. I mean, we are on Twitter.
Almost every tweet on this platform has been are either lies or just claims that has no source with a lack of info; a biased rumor. I haven’t seen proof as of this tweet.”

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