Asantewaa’s mother-in-law speaks on her ‘online relationship’ with her manager


The mother of TikTok star, Asantewaa’s husband has been pushed to speak about her daughter-in-law’s social media personality.

Asantewaa who is married to the son of NPP guru – Mr Obiri Yeboah, has consistently been bashed on social media for the kind of videos she normally records with her manager, Cassius.

Many netizens have over the time questioned why a married woman will record various flirty videos of herself and her manager and share them on social media all in the name of working as a TikToker cum influencer.

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TikTok Asantewaa
Asantewaa’s mother-in-law speaks on her ‘online relationship’ with her manager.

Despite the numerous backlash and constant attacks from social media users, Asantewaa has in various platforms dispelled the rumors that she has anything intimate to do with her manager.


Asantewaa has repeated that whatever she does with her manager is strictly work and nothing else, stressing that her husband, Jeffrey Obiri-Boahen understands as well.

Amid all the brouhaha, her mother-in-law spoke for the first time on the never-dying topic when she was called by Abeiku Santana for an interview on Okay FM.

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Speaking about these comments, Asantewaa’s mother-in-law, Maa Vida, was asked about her life on social media and she said she has no problem with that. “I am not really worried, I know that is how her work is like and that how people are also like,” she said.

She continues that “sometimes I observe quietly and get concerned but I understand it’s work about people’s lives so if you follow it too much it may become complicated … I have advised her to be watchful of what she does on social media and she said ok”.

During the interview, Maa Vida added that “the social media matter I hear a lot but they are not anything that baffles me”. Hear more from her in the video below.

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