Man arrested at Arise Ghana demonstration for possessing a pistol


The Ghana Police Service have arrested one person for possessing a pistol at day two of the ongoing Arise Ghana demonstration.

The man, who surrendered after he was caught with the weapon, has been sent to the Police station for further interrogations.

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Arise Ghana demonstration
Man arrested at Arise Ghana demonstration for possessing a pistol

The Arise Ghana demonstrators massed up at the El Wak Stadium to continue with their scheduled protest against economic hardship.

The demonstration turned violent when the protesters clashed with the police over using unapproved routes.


According to the police, 29 people have been arrested from yesterday’s incident.

In a statement copied to the media, the police said the arrest was as a result of the demonstrators’ involvement in the “violent attack” on police officers.

“The police have arrested 29 demonstrators for their participation in violent attacks on the police and some members of the public, including school children, during the Arise Ghana demonstration in Accra.”

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The Ghana Police Service said it is reviewing available video footage of the event and will not hesitate to apprehend all other persons who incited the violence.

However, the organizers of the Arise Ghana demonstration have disputed some of the claims by the police.

At a press conference after Tuesday’s protest, a member of the coalition, Rex Omar said “one of the things we found out later is that a gentleman, who was with the police but had dressed as a demonstrator, was the first to pelt stones at the police, in the bid to instigate a reaction from them.”

He noted that members of the coalition are law-abiding and would not do anything to compromise the peace the country enjoys.

“Our members are very peaceful, we hoped that this would happen in a very cordial manner. We never planned for this. That is why all through, we have engaged the police on reaching a consensus on our demonstration.”

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