Ajagurajah exposes occult group of fair ladies using sperms of men for rituals [video]


Reverend Ajagurajah, known in real life as Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, has dropped a very chilling revelation on the internet as to how some occultic ladies now use sperm for money rituals.

According to the leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach, the occult group only recruits light skin women and there are times they have sɛx parties with men so that they can be able to harvest their sperms for money rituals.

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“Be careful, when you see girls driving big cars don’t be jealous of them, she is not able to sleep at night,” Bishop Ajagurajah said before revealing the name of the occult group. According to him, a member of the group visited his church for help.


“There is an occultic group in Ghana they call it Our Lady of the Sun, one of your members has come to me. I won’t speak about it but I will advise you. You guys have to be careful with what you have been doing with Ghanaian men,” he said.

Detailing how the group operates, he continued that “it’s an all-girls group that if you are not fair in complexion, they won’t accept you and the things they are doing with men, they call some something orgy, they call something sɛ* party, they sleep with men using condoms and when they finish they collect all the condoms, put it in a calabash and use it for rituals at night”.

According to Ajagurajah, the rituals cause the death f Ghanaian men through prostate cancer or car accidents. Hear more from him in the video below.

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