Abena Harieto : Amass SHS student badgirl video causes stir online


Amass SHS girl video has been going viral on Telegram and various WhatsApp platforms and has set tongues wagging.

The Amass SHS girl who is quite popular on TikTok uses the name Abena Harrieto and it’s believed that one of her friends released the video online for reason known to them .

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Amass SHS girl
Abena Harieto : Amass SHS girl video

When you watch the viral video you can determine that she self-recorded the video perhaps to see how good she is after .

From some audios we intercepted,it’s been alleged that the young lady in question has been suspended from the school after the video went viral.


It’s quite sad how these high school students keep engaging in shenanigans making it seem as if teaching and learning are no longer a priority in schools.

Of course, we’re NOT going to post the EXTREMELY footage here, but it’s out there, if you’re willing to look for it.

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