Kofi Adomah’s wife shares video of husband on hospital bed after assassination attempt


Miracle Adomah, the wife of TV personality, Kofi Adomah, has shared a video of her husband wrapped with bandages around his arms while wearing a neck collar lying on a hospital bed.

“My heart Mr Kofi Adomah, get well soon,” she said in a Facebook post on August 16, 2022.

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Kofi Adomah
Kofi Adomah wife shares video of husband on hospital bed after assassination attempt

This comes after the shocking news of the attempted assassination of the media personality on August 6, 2022.

It wasn’t stated if the media personality was hospitalised because of the injuries he incurred during the failed assassination attempt or due to a new development.


Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii was attacked on August 6, 2022, while on his way back from visiting a house project site at DAMAX Estate, Kuntunse, which is a suburb of Accra.

Upon reaching Old Ashongman, Kofi’s car, according to reports, was crossed by alleged assassins riding a motorbike. When the alleged attackers eventually got access to him, they reportedly used a sharp object to injure him.

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The report further said the men aimed for his face in an attempt to disfigure him. Kofi, noticing this, made every attempt possible to avoid getting his face disfigured, and in the process, received a lot of cuts and bruises on his hands.

The men then poured an inflammable substance, believed to be petrol, on the journalist. The men attempted to set him ablaze but failed.

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