Mom teaches 5-year-old son what to do during a school shooting (video)


A video is going viral! It shows a mom (Cassie Walton) in Oklahoma teaching her 5-year-old son what to do if an active shooter came into his school.

The video has been watched more than a million times and has tens of thousands of comments.

In the viral TikTok video you see a mother telling her son what to do at school should a shooter intrude.

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school shooting
Mom teaches 5-year-old son what to do during a school shooting

The child’s book bag has a built-in bulletproof component – and she walks him through four different scenarios.


Walton asks her son what he would do if someone at school says over the intercom “This is not a drill.”

Weston, toting his bulletproof Spiderman backpack, replies, “Get in the corner and be really quiet and still.”

Walton then asked her son, “Show me how you use your bulletproof backpack” and the young boy is seen putting it over his head.

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“If a teacher says, ‘Weston you don’t need your backpack let’s get in the corner,'” Walton prompts her son… To which he replies, “I say, ‘No I need it, it’s bulletproof.'”

Then, Walton asks the 5-year-old what he would do if the police are outside the door, but the shooter is in his classroom… “I say, ‘I’m here’,” Weston replies with childlike enthusiasm.

Walton replies, “Absolutely not, you don’t say a word. If the shooter is in there, you don’t say a word, you stay absolutely silent.”

Watch video below

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