Bride weeps as husband dumps her on their way back from church on wedding day (Video)


A groom shocked everyone after dumping his beautiful bride on their wedding day.

A video of the development which has since been in circulation on various social media platforms shows the bride crying and rolling on the floor in her white wedding gown in an attempt to convince the groom to have mercy on her.

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Groom dumps bride on wedding day

Friends, family and loved ones are seen in the video making efforts to restrain her as she appears to have been distraught.

The groom is also seen in the video expressing vehement anger and betrayal after the discovery, while his friends and family tried to calm him down.


According to a journalist identified Opanyin Darko who reported to Accra-based Angel FM, the groom got informed that the bride had gone to visit her ex-lover to make love for the last time before tying the knot with him.

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The video has got many people reacting on social media, with some faulting the bride for being reckless because in their view it is unacceptable to visit her ex-lover while her wedding day was near.

Meanwhile, some people have also said that the said informant has done the couple a serious disservice, saying they should have withheld the information from the groom due to its volatile nature.

Watch the video below :

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