How Did Navy Seal Mike Day Die: Know Everything About His Death


Mike Day, a retired US Navy SEAL who was best known for surviving even after being struck by 27 bullets in Iraq, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, March 27, 2023.

Following the news of his death, netizens started showering their tributes on the late Navy Seal, and people also started searching for information about his background.

Are you also interested in learning more about US Navy Seal Mike Day? If yes, keep reading this article as it contains all necessary information about Mike , how he died, Mike Day obituary and much more!

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Mike Day
Mike Day Navy Seal

Who was Mike Day?

Mike Day was a retired United States Navy SEAL who was best known for surviving after being struck by 27 bullets during a vicious firefight in Iraq. The incident took place when Mike was a part of a mission to rescue women and children in Iraq.

Mike has always been admired by his fellow veterans for his bravery and resilience, and was considered a legend and hero in the Navy Seals. He presented his incredible story to the entire world by writing a detailed book on his story called “Perfectly Wounded.

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Mike Day Cause of death: How did Mike Day die?

Retired US Navy SEAL Mike Day passed away unexpectedly on Monday, March 27, 2023. The retired Navy Seal is reported to have taken his own life, and the same was confirmed by his fellow veterans on social media platforms.

Further investigation into Mike Day’s death is still ongoing, and more information about the possible reasons for his suicide, alongside other details, will be released soon. Authorities have requested that everyone call the suicide prevention hotline for any kind of help.

Tributes pour in for Mike Day

Following the unfortunate news of Mike, a Navy Seal’s death, Abayomi shared a tweet on his official Twitter handle, @nutayobami. The tweet reads, “US Navy SEAL Mike Day was shot 27 times by al-Qaeda militants in his legs, arms, abdomen, buttocks, and scrotum, and then knocked out by a grenade. “Not only did he survive, he managed to shoot dead all four militants and walk away unaided after he regained consciousness.”

We express our heartfelt condolences to the family members, friends, and colleagues of the late US Navy Seal, Mike Day. His death has left everyone within the community in a state of pain, and we pray to God to give everyone known to him the strength to pass through this difficult time. May Mike’s departed soul rest easy on the wings of eternity.

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