Actress Etty Bedi Gets Wild in Interview After Trying Weed for First Time [Video]

Actress Etty Bedi

Actress Etty Bedi surprised her fans with a daring revelation during the premiere of Fella Makafui’s film “Resonance” at Silverbird Cinema in Accra Mall.

The YOLO actress made an appearance at the Silverbird Cinema with a blonde hairstyle and wearing white clothing that highlighted her body art.

While much of the talk centred around the large turnout, attention shifted to Etty Bedi’s interview session with host Eddie Nartey.

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Etty Bedi
Actress Etty Bedi

The actress, who exhibited unusual behaviour, confessed to having tried marijuana for the first time, leading to her unconventional mannerisms and speech on camera.

“Why are you behaving like a good girl?” Eddie Nartey asked.

“I’m a very good girl,” Etty replied.

Asked about her thoughts on the project and its outcome, she responded, “I’m very happy,” though her gestures suggested she was struggling with composure.

“And also because, probably, I’ve taken some weed but I’m very good. This premiere is like Almighty; we’re shaking Ghana.”

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Astonished by her admission, Eddie Nartey questioned her well-being.

“This is my first time taking weed… but it’s okay; we’ll manage,” she replied.

“Why would you want to take weed before you come to the red carpet?” Eddie Nartey asked.

“There’s always the first time for something and I like to experience stuff, I like to try stuff,” she replied.

Unfazed by her candidness on camera, she remarked, “It doesn’t matter; everybody does sh*t,” when questioned about her remarks.

“I’m high; a little bit,” she admitted.

The interview above has since gone viral, sparking debate among X users. Some criticized her actions, while others speculated it was a calculated move to capture media attention.

Meanwhile, Fella Makafui celebrated the overwhelming success of “Resonance,” which experienced a grand debut across five rented venues.

The movie attracted a multitude of film enthusiasts and a plethora of renowned personalities, such as Wendy Shay, Salma Mumin, Prince David Osei, Kalybos, Wesley Kesse, Elikem the Tailor, comedian Warris and more.

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