Did Aiden Pleterski Girlfriend Know About His Criminal Activities?

aiden pleterski

Aiden Pleterski, who claims to be a crypto-investor and social media influencer, has been accused by numerous investors of scamming them out of millions of dollars in Ontario.

Despite being only 23 years old, he lived a lavish lifestyle, driving a lime green Lamborghini and owning a multi-level yacht.

Pleterski utilized social media to portray himself as wealthier and more knowledgeable than he actually was, which played a role in his scheme to obtain fraudulent investments.

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Aiden Pleterski
Aiden Pleterski crypto king


Recently, 150 investors filed a petition against him, and a few months prior, he declared bankruptcy. Legal records indicate that he was previously accused of domestic abuse, although the charges were subsequently dismissed.

Aiden Pleterski, the self-proclaimed “crypto king,” has not been associated with anyone recently; however, he did have a relationship lasting nearly a year in 2021.

Unfortunately, it ended badly when his former girlfriend filed a domestic violence charge against him after uncovering his Instagram content.

Upon arriving at the victim’s house in Davenport, Florida, Deputy Zachary Eason noticed red scratches on her clavicle and bicep, further corroborating the allegations of domestic violence.

With his case attracting considerable media attention and the public searching into his dating life, it is clear that Aiden Pleterski is still navigating turbulent waters.

Aroused by the woman’s departure, Pleterski flew into a rage. He grabbed her with both hands and violently shouted at her while defending the door to his home.

The affidavit shows that Pleterski had no regrets about what he did and seemed intent on hurting his now ex-girlfriend.

It further reveals that the defendant refused to move from the door for 30 minutes – even when she tried leaving multiple times – adamant in his emotional assault of his former partner.

This direct attack highlights how men can too easily become violent when faced with triggers such as distressing breakups.

After weighing the evidence, the prosecution decided not to proceed with criminal charges. This case brings light to the mysterious mogul Aiden Pleterski, who has made his fortune investing in cryptocurrencies and stocks.

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How did Aiden Pleterski become so wealthy?

He rose to fame by sharing records of his ultra-wealthy lifestyle online – but where did his wealth come from? As it turns out, Pleterski has reportedly amassed between $1 million and $5 million dollars due to his success within bitcoin.

His long-term insights and financial experience shine through in this case, even with minimal details of what actually happened provided to the public.

Aiden Pleterski quickly became famous for his extravagant lifestyle, but many were unaware of the money he had invested into cryptocurrency that enabled it.

Although it is unclear how much money he put into cryptocurrencies, it is clear that Bitcoin was at the center of his investments.

It is assumed that investing in one of the most successful forms of currency available has enabled him to live lavishly ever since, owning a luxurious home and luxury cars.

He spent time learning the nuances of cryptocurrency trading and investing before doing so himself and has since then achieved great success.

24-year-old Aiden Pleterski, a Canadian citizen, is currently facing multi-million dollar bankruptcy proceedings due to an incident involving the alleged theft of funds.

Unfortunately, authorities have only been able to recover a fraction of this money—$1.6 million so far.

It is understood that much of the stolen funds were spent on lifestyle purchases such as private jets, expensive vacations, and designer cars.

The fraudulent activity was brought to light after the trader’s father received a distress call in December for which the perpetrators demanded a ransom payment of $3 million CAD (~$2.1 million USD).

It remains unclear whether or not Aiden has managed to regain his freedom from this ordeal at present.

The kidnapping of Pleterski has proven to be a long and harrowing experience, as evidenced by the beatings and torture to which he was subjected even during his captivity.

After several days of detainment, he was eventually given an ultimatum to come up with the ransom payments or face the possible repercussions.

However, his landlord testified that he had asked him for help, but unfortunately, he did not have enough resources.

Currently, there are still no identified suspects in the case, leaving authorities with few clues in tracking down those responsible.

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