Alvaro Uribe Parent – Who are Alvaro Uribe Parent?

Alvaro Uribe

Alvaro Uribe parent – Alvaro Uribe is a popular Colombia writer who is most renowned for his writer, lawyer, politician

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Alvaro Uribe Biography

He is a famous World Leader. He was born on July 4, 1952 and his birthplace is Medellín, Colombia.

Alvaro Uribe

Alvaro is also well known as, Colombian president from 2002 to 2010 who dedicated his time in office to ridding the country of the armed groups that killed his father.

He had an unparalleled amount of popularity amongst his citizens while he was in office.

He was praised by ordinary citizens for forcing Colombian guerillas from the major cities to the countryside during his tenure in office.

Alvaro Uribe

From 2002 to 2010, Colombia’s president. He spent his time in office fighting the armed groups that had killed his father.

While he was in office, he enjoyed an unmatched popularity among his constituents.

His father, Alberto Uribe Sierra (a wealthy landowner), was murdered by Colombia FARC in 1983.

Alvaro Uribe

He started his political career in the Senate, supporting social security and pension reforms. Then he became Governor of Antioquia and put some of his policies into practice.

Alvaro Uribe age

His actual age is 71, and his birthday is on 4-Jul-1952.

Alvaro Uribe Parent

He was born in Medellin, the oldest of five children. His father Alberto Uribe Sierra was a wealthy landowner

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