Anti-LGBT+Bill: Sister Derby Slams Alban Bagbin, Labels Him Childish

Alban Bagbin and Sister Derby
Anti-LGBT+Bill: Sister Derby Slams Alban Bagbin

Sister Derby, a Ghanaian musician and activist has expressed disapproval of the behavior of Alban Bagbin, the Speaker of Parliament, which she considers to be retaliatory and unprofessional.

The controversy stems from the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, suspending the approval of ministerial nominees pending the Supreme Court’s decision on a related case.

According to the speaker, on March 20, this suspension is due to an interlocutory injunction filed by MP Dafeamekpor.

However, many pointed out that the action was in retaliation by the President’s office, which requested Parliament hold off on sending the anti-LGBT+ Bill for presidential assent, citing two applications for injunctions against the bill at the Supreme Court.

Alban Bagbin and Sister Derby
Alban Bagbin and Sister Derby

In reaction to the development on Instagram on March 22, Sister Derby described the Speaker’s behaviour as “disrespectful’ likening it to a child’s petty squabble.

According to her, important legislative matters that are beneficial to Ghana are being overshadowed by personal grievances.

“When he passed this hate bill that goes against the Constitution of Ghana, did our President disrespect him like this? Current Speaker of Parliament’s behaviour can be described as childish and petty; “you took my toy, so I’m also taking yours.”

“Disregarding a whole list of important issues to be discussed in Parliament, that will actually benefit Ghana,” she posted.

Sister Derby has been vocal about the Anti-LGBT+ Bill, which she and other activists have described as barbaric and an affront to human rights.

Per the Anti-LGBT+ Bill, persons caught in LGBT+ acts would be subjected to six months to a three-year jail term, with promoters and sponsors bearing a three- to five-year jail term.

President Akufo-Addo has suspended his decision on whether or not to sign the Bill into law, citing a challenge to its constitutionality in the Supreme Court.

Even if he decides against it, MPs can, by a two-thirds majority, veto the president’s decision and make the provisions of the Bill enforceable.

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