Antonio Brown speaks after exposing himself in Dubai hotel pool (video)

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown dubai pool video

NFL star Antonio Brown is speaking out after a bizarre video surfaced, in which he exposed himself to guests at a swanky Dubai hotel.

On Saturday morning, a video of Antonio Brown exposing himself to guests at a hotel surfaced on social media.

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Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown dubai pool video, Antonio Brown pool video, Antonio Brown news

The incident reportedly occurred in May, when Brown tied a scarf around a woman’s head before tossing her head first into the water “like he was spiking a football,” according to the New York Post.

A separate video showed Brown swimming towards the woman and exposed himself in her direction.

According to the Post, Brown was asked to leave the hotel shortly after the incident, which was one of several complaints that hotel guests made about him.

Brown also allegedly violated hotel dress code and left his room smelling like marijuana, which is in violation of the law in the United Arab Emirates.

What did Antonio Brown say?

“Every chance they get to sway the heat off themselves they use me. In the video you can clearly see she runs off with my swim trunks. If roles were reversed the headlines would read “AB having a wild night with nude female”.Yet when it’s me it automatically becomes a hate crime”. Brown tweeted.

Antonio Brown

“It’s crazy to me that even after I retire there is disinformation coming out about me, Ironically, during a time when the NFL is getting heat for allowing players to play when they’re clearly concussed. They’ve been using black men as guinea pigs,” He said.

Antonio Brown

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