Benedicta Gafah runs and jumps on Ras Nene, video causes a stir online [watch]

Benedicta Gafah

Ghanaian actor Ras Nene and actress Benedicta Gafah caused a frenzy on social media with a new video of them hugging in a sultry manner.

In the viral video, Benedicta walked out of a building, and the moment she spotted Ras Nene, she ran towards him with excitement.

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Benedicta Gafah

The moment she approached Ras Nene, she jumped on him, and he carried her instantly. He held her in the position for a long while as they exchanged pleasantries.

They talked about how much they had missed each other and how it had been long since they had hung out.

Many people in the comment section of the video talked about the way Ras Nene carried Benedicta Gafah.

Others wondered whether the star actress was married as they felt the way they hugged was inappropriate.

Below is a video of Ras Nene carrying Benedicta Gafah.

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