Bishop Lamor Whitehead manhandles woman during service (video)

Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches, Bishop Lamor Whitehead was caught on video manhandling a woman during his Sunday service.

It’s unclear what exactly precipitated this, but NYPD sources tell TMZ … there was an argument over somebody filming Whitehead/the service, and it boiled over with an alleged physical confrontation. That jibes with a YouTube video that captured the entire sequence.

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Bishop Lamor Whitehead
Bishop Whitehead grabs woman, Bishop Whitehead assaults woman, Bishop Lamor Whitehead manhandles woman during service

Bishop Lamor Whitehead appears to get interrupted by someone out in the pulpit who’s shouting, and he tells the congregation to let her record … which escalates into him inviting her up.

He asks the woman if she wants to come up and deliver the word for him, and then starts telling the visitors to praise Jesus while speaking in tongues. When the woman finally does reach the altar, he grabs her by the head and appears to shove her out of frame.

Bishop Whitehead tells somebody to get her out of here, and says he felt threatened … seemingly as justification for what he did. He then continues the service normally like nothing happened.

Watch the video below :

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