Bishop Obinim bans church members from contributing GHC5-10 as offering [watch]

Bishop Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim, founder and leader of International God’s Way Church (IGWC) has stirred up a storm with his recent comments regarding offerings made during church services.

In a fiery sermon, the founder of the International God’s Way Church expressed his disdain for offerings of GH₵5 and GH₵10, deeming them disrespectful to both himself and to God.

During the church service, he charged individuals who dropped such meager amounts in the offertory bowl to come forward to retrieve their money.

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Bishop Obinim
Bishop Obinim latest video

He asserted that in these times, such low offerings are unacceptable and reflect a lack of respect and appreciation towards the goodness of God.

Bishop Obinim declared that accepting such offerings would bring curses upon the lives of those who made them.

He announced that henceforth, his church would no longer accept traditional offerings but would only receive “seeds” in the form of monetary donations for prayers.

The minimum amount for such “prayer seeds” would be GH₵20.

Furthermore, Bishop Obinim admonished congregants who could not afford the minimum offering to refrain from approaching the altar.

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He jabbed that such individuals should either pray for themselves or sit idle in wait for favour from God.

He likened the situation to parental allowance, questioning how much parents give their own children.

Watch video below:

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