Blakk Rasta shares his journey to Christianity [Video]

Blakk Rasta

Ghanaian reggae musician and broadcaster, Blakk Rasta, has open up on the circumstances that led to his conversion to Christianity.

Born a Muslim, Blakk Rasta at a point in his life ditched the religion for Rastafarianism until he got the calling of God and got ordained by the Breakthrough Family Chapel Bible School as a pastor in 2022.

Recounting his ‘Damascus Experience’ to Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, Blakk who had persecuted Christians and discredited the Bible in the past, said the revelations he had and prophecies from people convinced him that he had the calling of God.

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Blakk Rasta

“I woke up and I was seeing stars. And then the smallest slumber I was seeing things happening. I saw some earthquake happening somewhere, I saw some plane crashing somewhere. Like I was going mad.

On Lagazy’s show, I told him ‘last night I went to bed and this was what I saw in Venezuela’. Bam, it happened,” he noted.

He said because he wanted to find out what he was going through, he visited a book shop to buy books on prophecies.

He therefore asked the book seller whom the biggest prophet in Ghana was and she mentioned Prophet Bernard El Barnard.

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Blakk then visited the prophet and got shocked about things he revealed about him.

“When I met him, he told me things that shocked me. He said when you were two years, this was what happened to you’. I don’t want to go into details,” he said.
He further mentioned that his parents later confirmed all that the prophet had said when he told them about it.

“Any church I went to and I hid at the back, a prophet would say ‘I’ve seen something, there is someone here who has a calling’ and bla bla bla,”

Blakk Rasta who fellowships with the Breakthrough Family Chapel said that sometimes he preaches at markets. He is currently out with album titled ‘Salaga Soldier’.

Watch the video attached below;

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