Bride breaks into woman’s wedding for something sneaky; people are shocked


A bride has left people stunned and confused after she snuck into another wedding to do something incredibly bold.

Sabrina Dore, a Los-Angeles based storyteller, shared the shocking story video with almost 400k TikTok followers, who couldn’t decide whether they were appalled or impressed.

Bride breaks into woman's wedding

“I have to tell y’all what I saw today, on Facebook, right here in my hometown,” she began.

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“Y’all gotta sit down for this. So there’s this bride getting married today at the Catholic basilica here in town.”

She explained that the bride had decked out a beautiful local church with flowers for the occasion.

“From the pictures that I saw on Facebook, she spent at least $35,000 on flowers alone for this,” she said.

“The entrance to the church, big tall door, she had lined with flowers, like big archway going into the church, it was gorgeous.

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“Well, another bride saw those flowers, she was getting married today too but not there,” she continued.

“She rounded up her photographer and said, ‘Cmon I’m here, we’re finna go take pictures with all these flowers.’ And she did.”

A guest at the flower bride’s reception attempted to stop the intruder but was ignored.

“Somebody from the wedding was like hey you can’t do that we’re getting married here today, and she said, ‘I’ll be done in a minute.'”

People revealed a mix of reactions in the comments section.

“If I was the bride with the flowers I’d have let her take photos with my flowers, gotta get that money’s worth,” said one generous commenter.

Others were less than thrilled.

“Not sure if I’m appalled or impressed,” said another.

Some questioned the intruder bride’s decision-making.

“But now she will have photos of not her venue and not her flowers…why?” a third asked.

“To always remember someone did it better?”

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