Brother Sammy mocks Joyce Blessing over her viral drunk video [watch]

Joyce Blessing
Joyce Blessing and Brother Sammy

Gospel artiste, Brother Sammy has received public backlash after a video of him making a mockery of Joyce Blessing with a reference to her viral drunk video.

We recall a video of Joyce Blessing drunk with alcohol confessing her love to someone who was presumed to be her husband (though he has denied the fact the video was for him) went viral and it got her criticized a lot especially over the fact that she’s a gospel musician and a role model to many.

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Joyce Blessing
Joyce Blessing and Brother Sammy

Though the video seems to have died off social media but not in the memory of many including Brother Sammy (the nation’s worshipper) who took the opportunity he had with Joyce Blessing in a video sighted online to tease her.

Brother Sammy was reciting the exact words of Joyce Blessiŋg in the drunken video and her reaction to that asking him to stop shows that she isn’t happy with how things turned out and the fact that a colleague is trying to take advantage of that by teasing her.

Everyone knows Brother Sammy teases a lot but then he should have realized that something like this that brought shame to Joyce Blessing isn’t something he should be joking with not to talk of teasing her in her presence.

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Joyce Blessing who felt uneasy immediately told Brother Sammy to stop but the harm had already been done.

Watch the video below :

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