Video of cat blender guy getting jumped debunked as footage goes viral [Watch]

Cat in blender video

The viral cat in blender video that has sent the internet into a fit of rage in the past week was found to have originated in China.

In early May, a disturbing video of a cat being tortured and killed in a blender surfaced on social media, leaving netizens traumatized and furious.

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Cat in blender video
Cat in blender update

Although platforms like Twitter and TikTok kept blocking the video for violation of policies, users continued to share and repost it.

However, on May 8,  cat in blender part 2 surfaced on the internet, sending another wave of trauma and disgust among netizens.

Everyone had since been eager to get these animal abusers locked up and punished by the law.

Amid all this chaos, the video of the boy being violently beaten up by a group of boys emerged online. The caption of the video stated that it was the culprit of the “cat in a blender” video who was getting jumped.

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The viral fighting video was not about the “cat in blender” culprit

But some users pointed out that the language spoken in the video was Dutch and not Chinese. It created confusion as some people started thinking the horrific video may have been from the Netherlands.

The same video of the guy being beaten up was also shared on other platforms. One Reddit user, @Cautious_Ramen, asked whether or not the original cat video was from China.

The user further clarified that they looked up the store’s name shown in the video and searched for information regarding the fight. It took place in January and did not have any connection with the cat video.

Although there has been no confirmation that the guy behind the cat in blender video was indeed arrested, the viral claim about the culprit getting jumped by a group of boys is fake.

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