Confusion explodes as two ladies dating same guy show up at his place on same time [watch]


A footage circulating on social media captured two ladies apparently in a state of amusement after releasing that they were dating the same guy.

In the footage that is fast going viral, one of the ladies who seems to have been the second to arrive at the guy’s house got furious when she saw a stranger with her man.

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The lady who is in standing position looked more irritated than the lady she came in to meet.


She could be heard saying, “Nobody should touch me”, then moves to the other lady and questioned her if the guy did not inform her that he is already in a relationship with her.

The said guy seems to be disoriented as he does not know which of the ladies to side with following their near physical fight.

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He is seen seated by the lady who was the first to arrive at his place and in between time kneels down to beg the second lady not to cause a scene, but she is clearly not giving attention to that.

A colleague of the guy is also surfaced to the scene and attempts to calm tempers so they can all arrive at an amicable conclusion.

The other lady, on the other hand, maintains her composure and keeps quiet as her rival throws a tantrum in a bid to get the lady who is seated to leave.

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Getting to end of the video, the lady who is seated seems to have had enough of the noise and readies herself to take a leave.

It must be noted that, it unknown as to which part of Ghana this occurred in or how the three people got to an amicable conclusion.

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Watch the video below;

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