Drama as lady ‘scatters wedding’ , removes her wig as she dances [video]

lady scatters wedding

Plus-size lady scatters wedding with her dance moves – A lady has showcased that the ability to dance is not a factor of one’s physique as she mesmerized people with her beautiful moves.

If energy was a person, it would be this lady who, despite her physique, stole hearts and stunned the crowd at a wedding occasion.

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lady scatters wedding

The lady in a video shared by @maxwelljennings on Instagram stormed the dance floor shooting dollar notes into the air.

The lady who is a bridesmaid then dazzled onlookers with cool dance moves while her male counterpart appeared to play catch up.

In a stunning scene, she removed her wig as she seemed to enter another realm of dancing.

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Watch the video here:

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