Efia Odo does it again, tension social media with her new video


Ghanaian actress and socialite, Andrea Owusu, better known as Efia Odo, is causing pandemonium on social media with her latest video.

Efia Odo’s attempt to promote Gyakie’s new single has once again attracted backlash from the ‘righteous’ community on Twitter who have always had issues with her outfits which they believe have a negative impact on the young who take inspiration from her.

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Efia Odo
Efia Odo latest news, Efia Odo dance to Gyakie song

The actress and brand influencer in a tweet earlier this month revealed that she had taken a break from the stress in the country with a trip to the United States after continuously being called out for her post on Ghana’s bad governance or her choice of dressing.

Although she has ‘escaped’ from Ghana, Efia was on Monday rebuked by a section of her followers appalled by a video that captured her dancing to Gyakie’s latest single titled ‘Something’ in Jeans-shorts and a crop top.


She accepted not being a ‘decent’ girl when a fan wrote: “what you wearing is not decent.”

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A die-fan of Efia Odo educated the public on her early upbringing in the US and the reason why she feels comfortable in wild outfits usually tagged as indecent by some Ghanaians.

Efia retweeted the post that read: “You guys are here talking about her dressing, she just did a simple video to promote Gyakie’s song, did she wear this out? What of b¡kiŋi pictures you guys have been liking on this platform, tell me the difference between this and b¡kiŋi. The girl was raised in the USA, this is her nature.”

Watch Efia Odo new video below:

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