Garden Boy impregnates three biological sisters who have strict parents

Garden Boy
Gardener 3 impregnates three biological sisters who have strict parents

Kenya —— Three biological sisters have reportedly been impregnated by one man who happens to be their garden boy.

A former lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani in a Facebook post revealed that the three unnamed ladies who were impregnated by the gardener had strict parents who usually confine them indoors denying them any chance to associate with friends.

It was gathered that the poor gardener was the only person available for them to associate with.

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Garden Boy
Gardener 3 impregnates three biological sisters who have strict parents

As contained in the post, the gardener began to sleep with all three sisters without the knowledge of their deeply rooted Christian parents.

Upon hearing the news, the parents were stunned by the turn of things despite every conservative effort to keep them out of range.

When asked who was responsible for the pregnancy, they spilled out the honest truth and their mother collapsed on the spot.

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How it all started.

According to reports, gardener started having an affair with the secondborn and was caught in the act by the firstborn.

Meanwhile, in order for the firstborn to divulge the secret, she requested for the gardener to satisfy her sɛxʋαl urge.

While in the act of coitus, the third born also cαught them in the obscene act and she also demanded her sɛxʋαl urge to be satisfied if they don’t want her to tell their strict parents.

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The outcome of their relationship with the gardener turned into pregnancy and all three of them have since given birth.

The parents on the other hand have accepted the fate after intense counseling and blamed themselves for being too strict towards their daughters.

The garden boy instantly lost his job but the girls still send him money and love him as the father of their two daughters and son. This is how life treats people who are tough and strict towards girl children.

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