Here’s why John Beasley dead trending?

John Beasley

John Beasley was an American actor. He best known for his roles on Everwood and The Soul Man.

In 2002, Beasley founded the “John Beasley Theater & Workshop” in Omaha, Nebraska to promote live theater, especially works written by or featuring African-Americans.

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John Beasley
John Beasley dead trending

Who was John Beasley?

John Beasley was born in 1943, and began acting in his 40s after a lengthy career working as a railroad man.

He began his career as an assistant coach in the blockbuster Rudy, and also appeared in The Mighty Ducks, Firestarter and Little Big League.

John starred in the WB series Everwood and co-starred with The Rock in the 2004 movie Walking Tall.

He was set to make his Broadway debut this year in The Notebook.

He established the John Beasley Theatre and Workshop in his hometown of Omaha, and ran it for 13 years.

John previously said: “We changed the lives of a lot of people just through the theatre.”

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John Beasley dead

Why is John Beasley dead trending?

Everwood and Rudy actor John Beasley has died at the age of 79 .

The actor died on Tuesday after being hospitalized in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, after his health took an “unexpected turn for the worst” .

Beasley’s death was first announced on Facebook by his son Mike, who referred to him as a “best friend” and a “hero,” alongside a sweet photo.

“Man…you know this is a part of life…but that doesn’t make it any easier,” he wrote. “I lost my best friend today. They say you shouldn’t ever meet your heroes because they don’t turn out to be who you thought they were. That is so wrong. My hero was my father. Thank you for everything. I hope I made you proud. Love you more.”

John Beasley
John Beasley dead trending

Fans pay tribute

One fan said: “So heartbreaking to hear of John Beasley’s passing.

“Very thankful to be able to meet him, interview him and listen to his passion and wisdom.

“My thoughts go out to the family and the hundreds he impacted. He will definitely be missed!”

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