Justine Siegemund husband – Who is Justine Siegemund’s husband?

Justine Siegemund
Justine Siegemund

Justine Siegemund was a 17th-century midwife who bravely challenged patriarchal customs. She became the first woman in Germany to publish a book about obstetrics from the standpoint of a woman.

Google remembered Justine Siegemund with a doodle on March 28, 2023.

Justine Siegemund

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Justine Siegemund biography

She was born in Rostock, Lower Silesia, on 26 December 1636. The daughter of Elias Diettrich. Her father was a Lutheran minister and her father died when she was fourteen. Her mother, who used to be a midwife, taught her the profession.

Justine Siegemund

Justine, at the age of twenty, suffered immensely at the hands of inexperienced midwives. This experience inspired her to learn more about obstetrics, and she practiced it for the first time in 1659. Siegemund’s most renowned book, “The Court Midwife,” was published in 1690 and is regarded as one of the most important publications in the history of midwifery.

Justine Siegemund Education

The European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) validated her work, The Court Midwife, as an official medical textbook on March 23, 1690. Siegemund was the first woman to write a significant medical text in German at a time when very few women had access of formal schooling.

Justine Siegemund

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Justine Siegemund Husband

She was married and her husband’s name was Christian Siegemund. Christian Siegemund was an accountant. They married in the year 1655.

It lasted 42 years, and Christian Siegemund offered significant assistance to his wife in her chosen profession, despite the fact that they may have stayed apart since 1673.

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