Justyn Vicky death: Bodybuilder, 33, broke his neck during freak squat accident at gym [Watch]


Justyn Vicky bali squat video goes viral on social media.

Justyn Vicky, A fitness influencer has been killed by a barbell while trying to squat-press 210kg in a horror accident at the gym.

According to reports, the Indonesian bodybuilder was attempting to squat 460lbs when the accident occurred in Sanur, Bali.

Justyn Vicky bali squat video
Justyn Vicky squat accident

After the accident, Justyn was rushed to a local hospital with a broken neck and critical compression of vital nerves connecting to his heart and lungs.


He died shortly after an emergency operation, despite the surgeons’ best efforts to save his life.

Justyn Vicky bali squat video

Footage shows how the 33-year-old from East Java, Indonesia, grunts while trying to extend his legs as the heavy bar weighs down upon his shoulders.

As he struggles to stand upright, the lone spotter behind him is completely helpless as Justyn falls onto his bum seconds later.

As the influencer hits the floor, the stacked barbell comes crashing down onto the back of his neck, pushing his head forward at a gruesome angle.

He then drops backwards to the floor in front of horrified gymgoers.

Justyn Vicky bali squat video
Justyn Vicky bali squat video


 Who was Justyn Vicky?

Justyn Vicky was a bodybuilder, nutritional advisor, and personal trainer based in Bali.

Vicky, who boasted nearly 30,000 Instagram followers, was well-known for the ‘love and passion’ he put into his personal coaching.

The bodybuilder died aged 33 after a tragic accident at a gym as he attempted to squat-press 460lb.

Watch Justyn Vicky bali squat video below

Tributes pour in

Those close to Justyn and fellow fitness gurus have paid tribute to their ‘dear friend’ on social media following the accident.

Gede Sutarya wrote: ‘Vicky was a good person, polite, and sociable. He always shared knowledge about the gym. He also advised friends at the gym to be cautious and not exceed their capabilities during training.

‘Only we ourselves can measure our own abilities. May Mas Vicky rest peacefully in the embrace of God and find a worthy place.’

The Paradise Bali gym later said in a tribute on social media: ‘To our dear Justyn, your impact on our lives is immeasurable.

‘Your legacy will live on through the countless lives you’ve touched, the transformations you’ve inspired, and the love and passion you infused into every moment we spent together.

‘Rest peacefully, dear friend. You will forever remain in our hearts.’

Another friend commented: ‘He was always full of positive vibes and make me to stay motivated.

‘I’ll never forget his impact on my fitness journey. It’s a tough loss, but we’ll keep his spirit alive.’

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