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Kanye West returns to social media with bizarre post about Jonah Hill and ‘Jewish people’ months after antisemitic rants

American rapper Kanye West, A.K.A Ye, on Friday decided to make a return to social media to post another one of his controversial rants about Jewish people.

Kanye posted a photo of the DVD cover for the movie 21 Jump Street, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. The 45-year-old also added a lengthy caption to the image, referring back to his previous antisemitic posts.

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Kanye West

He wrote: “Watching Jonah Hill in 21 Jump street made me like Jewish people again. “No one should take anger against one or two individuals and transform that into hatred towards millions of innocent people.”

He added: “No Christian can be labeled antisemite knowing Jesus is Jew. Thank you Jonah Hill I love you.”

Some of Kanye’s 18 million followers seemed confused or bemused by the strange post. “This is the most Kanye apology ever,” one person wrote.

Kanye West

Others, however, were less amused by Kanye’s words. “Man, what the f**k is this quarter-a**ed apology?” a critic raged as another simply stated: “I am appalled.”

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Kanye’s love of Jonah comes after deeply offensive and damaging remarks previously made by the musician.

Back in December, the controversial rapper appeared to glorify Hitler and the Nazis in a masked interview on Alex Jones’ far-right show Infowars.

The Infowars interview took an extraordinary turn after West – now known as Ye – said he saw “good things” in Hitler.

“I see good things about Hitler, also,” he said at the time. I love everyone, this guy invented highways, the microphone, every human has something of value they brought to the table, especially Hitler. “Also, Hitler was born Christian.”

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The hitmaker also praised the ruthless dictator’s party, adding: “They did good things too. We have to stop dissing the Nazis all the time. The Jewish media has made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler have never offered anything of value to the world.”

Kanye said he didn’t like the way the word “evil” was associated with the Nazis. I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis,” he shared . The father-of-four also took credit for “popularizing” anti-Semitism.

“No one in high school knew what anti-Semitic meant until Ye made it popular,” he said.

Kanye, who shares four children with ex-wife Kim Kardashian, is now married to 28-year-old Bianca Censori.

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