Body cam footage shows what happened before Keenan Anderson’s death

Keenan Anderson
Who was Keenan Anderson?: Keenan Anderson full video : Keenan Anderson teacher, Keenan Anderson lapd

Keenan Anderson Full Video — Police in Los Angeles released body camera footage showing the moments when officers used a Taser on a man accused of being involved in a crash in Venice.

Wednesday’s video release comes as a community demands justice for Keenan Anderson, a Black man who died after a struggle with police.

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Keenan Anderson
Keenan Anderson full video : Keenan Anderson body cam , Keenan Anderson video

In the video recorded on January 3, Anderson flagged a Los Angeles Police Department officer riding a motorcycle for help. As the officer pulled up to the crash scene, other people in the area pointed at Anderson, accusing him of being involved in the crash.

When the officer started talking to Anderson, the crash suspect began apologizing profusely, telling the officer, “Please sir. I didn’t mean to.”

At one point during the exchange between Anderson and the officer, the suspect began telling LAPD that somebody was trying to kill him. When the officer asked Anderson to elaborate, the suspect vaguely explained he performed a stunt earlier and that someone was going to “add stuff” to his car, appearing to confuse the LAPD officer.

In a different body camera footage, Anderson begged the officer for water, which the officer appeared to promise he’d do later, but later on in the exchange, the suspect begged to be seen. He then jogged over to the other side of the intersection, prompting a brief foot chase.

The officers tracked Anderson down at the busy intersection and then a struggle ensued between the suspect and multiple LAPD officers. During the struggle, one of the LAPD officers repeatedly threatened to use a Taser on Anderson if he wouldn’t stop resisting.

As officers tried to turn Anderson over to have him lay on his stomach, the suspect began screaming, “They’re trying to George Floyd me!”

As the struggle between LAPD and Anderson continued, the officer used a Taser on Anderson multiple times, including once for what appeared to be more than 10 seconds. Anderson was eventually handcuffed and taken into custody.

Anderson was then taken to a hospital in Santa Monica, where he was later pronounced dead. LAPD said in a statement that Anderson died after suffering cardiac arrest.

Keenan Anderson Full Video below :

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