Korra Obidi under fire as she travels to Hawaii vacation after $50,000 legal fee donation

Korra Obidi

Nigerian singer and dancer Korra Obidi has been criticized following her recent vacation to Hawaii in the United state after completing her GoFundMe $50,000 target.

Obidi created GoFundMe on Friday to seek a good lawyer, adding that she wants to overturn the right of her ex-husband, Justin Dean, over their kids.

According to her, she would need money to get a good lawyer, which is why she created the GoFundMe account to meet the target of $100,000.

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Korra Obidi Hawaii vacation donate

She said, “As a mother, it’s time to fight for myself and my kids,” Obidi said. She also shared her GoFundMe account details, seeking the assistance of fans and friends.

The account generated over $50,000 raised from over 950 donors worldwide.

However, on Sunday, the dancer, after raising the money, said during a live session on Facebook that she had plans for a vacation in Hawaii.

Her decision has been greeted by outrage from her fans, with many alleging that the main intent of the GoFundMe was never to file a suit against the husband but to lavish on her extravagant lifestyle.

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Korra Obidi

Some reactions are shown below:

Jennifer Lynn Russell said, “Mad that she can’t post pictures because without posting pictures she can’t make money. She needs to post pictures of her kids to make money. But she would rather go to Hawaii than see.Her children sickening and people gave her $.Or whatever was on that go find me.People needs to report the go fund me everybody needs to report to get their money back”.

Wanda Johnson Snuggs said, “She got yall’s money now she’s at the airport. Some of you are so weak to believe her foolishness. Always begging, scamming and manipulating.”

Robyn White Best said, “There’s no way in hell that I would be off flying to Hawaii on Mother’s Day when I could be with my kids . You talk a good game,but your morals are so wrong. This is a very special day for mothers and you don’t even have your children when you can have your children yet you too running around all the spending the day with them”.

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