Man proposes to his girlfriend at her father’s funeral [Watch]


A South African man has been slammed online for proposing to his girlfriend at her father’s funeral.

We usually see men or women trying quirky ideas to propose to their partners and make it memorable for both of them.

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Man proposes to his girlfriend
Man proposes to his girlfriend at her father’s funeral

However, a man from South Africa is now going viral for proposing to a woman on an unusual occasion. It is unbelievable that the man asked for the marriage to the woman at her father’s funeral.

Well, it is strange but the incident is recorded on a camera. The video was shared by a Twitter user with a captioned the video, ”Would you say yes??”


In the video, you see a man down on one knee appearing to be consoling a woman at her father’s funeral, but he pulls a big surprise.

Near the end of the video, the man pulls out a ring and proposes to the woman, leaving many people confused and feeling a bit awkward.

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Many users were left divided over the stunt. “This here is WRONG..No matter how you can try and justify it,” one user said. “I feel like he should have waited for the funeral to pass…how do you rejoice when you are in such deep pain,’ another user wrote.

“Guys he wanted to do it in front of the late parent.. Nothing wrong.. If u a deeply spiritual u will understand this,” a third user said. “Maybe [his] wish was to propose while the father or mother was still alive,” another user added.

Well, Watch the video below :

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