Martha Ankomah finally reveals why she sued Nkansah Lil Win [video]

actress Martha Ankomah sued LilWin

Martha Ankomah, a Ghanaian actress, has recently revealed her motives behind suing fellow actor Nkansah LilWin for defamation.

According to her, the lawsuit was to set an example for the younger generation, so they do not develop the perception that they could say anything about others without consequences.

Martha Ankomah and Nkansah LilWin
Martha Ankomah and Kojo Nkansah Lil Win


Last month, actress Martha Ankomah sued LilWin over concerns that the latter made derogatory remarks about her.

Nkansah LilWin had publicly criticized Ankomah for her comments on the quality of Kumawood movies.

Ankomah had stated her disinterest in recent Kumawood films due to their focus on witchcraft, which she found uninspiring.

The rift with LilWin escalated when he attacked Ankomah, questioning her status as a star and her selection as a brand ambassador over other respected actors.

He contrasted her stance with that of Nigerian actors who had participated in Kumawood films and accused her of lacking humility.

Ankomah’s decision to file a lawsuit against LilWin was prompted by his comments, which she deemed defamatory. The writ was submitted to the court on February 14.

LilWin, in defence, claimed that he was only acting and did not mean to say such things about her.

However, in a recent interview with UTV on March 21, Martha Ankomah emphasized the importance of setting a good example as a public figure.

“I have not withdrawn the suit, I believe the rule of law works in this country. So I don’t think you can insult anyone and go scot-free. If we say we are role models, people must learn from us so we have to set good examples. So, I took it to court. Please it’s not a joke because it takes years to build a brand.

“If the court doesn’t teach him a lesson, it will be a very bad example that may encourage the next generation to just say anything about people” she added.

Asked if she could be convinced to withdraw the lawsuit and let sleeping dogs lie, she refused, saying “That would be for the court to decide.”

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