Horror details of nurse, 27, found tortoures to death as CCTV holds key clue

Missing nurse

A missing nurse was found dead with her hands and feet tied after she was allegedly tortured in a motel and dumped in an abandoned house.

The family of Rita Nogueira, 27, revealed horrifying details of her injuries amid outrage at cops who let the suspect walk free.

Missing nurse

Rita, a nurse technician, went missing last Sunday sparking a frantic search by family and friends in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Two days later a colleague at her hospital walked into a police station with a lawyer and confessed to killing her, Brazilian media reports.

Iago Lacê Falcão, 26, allegedly told officers where to find her body – inside an empty house owned by his mother.

Astonishingly, police did not arrest him as he was “not caught in the act” and was said to be cooperating with the investigation.

Protesters angrily demanded justice at Rita’s funeral yesterday.

Family members said she had been strangled and beaten in the face, and had almost no hair left after a brutal assault.

They added said she was so badly disfigured she had to be taken to the cemetery in a closed coffin.

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“Only a monster would do that,” said stepmother Raquel da Silva Alves.

“She survived Covid five times and now this demon, this coward, does this to her.”

She blamed a “rotten law” for keeping the suspect out of custody.

“We want justice, that’s all,” added the victim’s sister-in-law Ana Beatriz dos Santos.

“She might not have been the first, and she might not be the last either. He’s out there, he’s on the loose.”

Igor Ferreira, the victim’s ex-boyfriend of ten years, said: “We couldn’t give Rita a dignified burial.

“I have no words to describe how cruel he was. I saw signs of brutality, he pulled the piercing out of her chest, he tortured her.”

CCTV clue

Rita and student nurse Iago worked at the same maternity hospital and had been dating for around a month.

Aunt Aldenice Nogueira said: “We don’t know anything about this guy.

“I didn’t even know she was in a relationship with someone else… I think it was about a month. Even my sister didn’t know many details.”

CCTV is said to show Iago’s car pulling up outside Rita’s home on the night she vanished.

She was seen speaking to him for 30 seconds before turning and walking towards the house.

Iago followed her, and an hour and 15 minutes later they left in the car together, reports Globo News.

She is said to have died in a motel before he took her body to the house owned by his mother.

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Neighbours said it had been empty for a decade.

Iago was suspended from work but has so far had no other sanction.

The Civil Police said it could not legally arrest him because it was more than 24 hours since the crime.

They said he informally revealed what had happened – accompanied by his lawyer – but declined to make a formal confession statement.

He is not considered a fugitive as he is cooperating with police and living at a known address.

Investigators are awaiting the results of forensics tests.

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