Moesha Boduong reveals how God mysteriously sent her money [Watch]


Ghanaian Actress Moesha Boduong has a new testimony that many have failed to understand especially because they have never heard or seen God directly send money from heaven to any human.

Believe it or not, the born again Christain has received a Mobile Money alert from God, a move that has caused her to believe all the ‘strange’ testimonies from people.

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Moesha Boduong
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Miracles do work, this is according to Moesha who is set to preach the word of God after her divine encounter early last year.

“God is a miracle worker and I’m always going to tell the world about he sent me money through mobile money and that was my ever first miracle. I must say, I now believe all the miracles I read online when people shared their testimonies,” she wrote.


It came as a surprise when the popular actress who has been the talk of town over her recent utterances took to Snapchat to announce how God mysterious deposited money into her MOMO wallet.

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A Twitter handler @sikaofficial1 has been in awe following her statement. “How can you say God sent you money?” he quizzed.

Another @oneboyon defended that God is capable of performing such miracles which seems hard to believe. He wrote: “You won’t understand. What if you receive 1,000 gh unexpectedly and no one calls to ask you about it and the money is also not reversed after you requested something from God?”

See Moesha Boduong ‘s post below:

moesha boduong news

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